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Who We Are

We are a group of studio executives and producers who want to see more female directors at the helm of our films.

Named after the first woman director, Alice Guy-Blaché, The Alice Initiative's mission is to bring attention to female filmmakers.  We regularly publish curated shortlists of women directors, the first of which was in 2016.  Additionally, we maintain a curated master list of women working as directors in TV and Film that we would consider for our projects.  This list is constantly evolving.  The Alice initiative tries to shine a spotlight on new (or new to us!) talent, as well as on filmmakers we believe should be working more!

How We Choose

The Alice Initiative polls a select & diverse group of executives and producers, in positions which give them hiring power or influence, to name their favorite female filmmakers.  We ask that the filmmakers they name be women who they are including on their director lists who have directed a feature (but not at a studio).  We also ask them to name women who they are tracking who have not directed a narrative feature…yet!

What Can you Do?

When making director lists, use our lists for reference.

Check out our featured directors.

Sign up for WOMEN WEDNESDAYS to hear about fantastic female filmmakers.


If there's someone you don't know, set a meeting.

Make sure you are putting women at the top of your lists



In 2020 The Alice Initiative announced a partnership with Women Wednesday to help further our effort to support and elevate female filmmakers in the entertainment industry.  


Women Wednesday is helping us discover and support female and non-binary filmmakers!  They have great taste, and we encourage you to sign up HERE to stay up-to-date with the filmmakers and below the line talent they feature in their biweekly newsletter. 

Together, we are confident we can start to change the statistics and get more women behind the camera of studio films!!

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